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robert baron: on 01/23/2011

I am quite sad to hear about your dad. I had the serious misfortune to be in his weight class when we both wrestled for Wantagh High School for Coach Joe Marcino. What did John weigh back then? Do you believe we wrestled at 134?. What this meant was that I [as the number two guy] spent about an hour every day wrestling your dad. This was not fun. Cody was one of the very best wrestlers in the State of New York at the time. and Wantagh was a wrestling powerhouse school. I was not a bad wrestler. I had a winnging record etc. In fact, my brother Jim ended up two time national champion at 155 lbs when he started competing in the Veteran Class [age 55 and older] a few years ago. But having wrestled both men I can tell you John was way tougher as an opponent. He was lightening fast, strong and cunning on that mat. So I spent most of my time in practice being taken down by your dad, and then trying to escape. I remember I got once two takedowns on John in practice. I should of made Coach Marcino sign an affadavit. Your dad was "all business" on the mat. No joking around. Just speed and drive. His body was like a rock. Murder. On that talent filled championship team [Bob Murphy, Tony Degregorio, Wally Roll, Werner Keller, Roger Herrmann, Chippy Siglinger, Ridge Canaday, Tony Comazzi, Richy Zitrick, Tommy Pescod, Lou and Micky Zimmer, John Kelly, Ken Sly, Mike Aulicino, Bob Weber, Garry Halenbeck, Bob Corris] he was a star. I seem to remember him winning the Islands [back then that was as far as you could go--no Statewide competition was held]. We also played on the H.S. Soccer team togeather. John was a forward. I played defense. The team did very well. Lots of wrestlers on that team. A much lighter vibe on the sqaud. Soccer seems to be less obsessive than wrestling. When I saw him at the 20 year reunion he had a different shape and a bigger smile. We had a great time sharing news and memories. Cody was a class act and a sweet man. Please extend to your family my deep condolences.
Bob Baron
Professor Emeritus
University of Iowa

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